I'm, Mark Bromley and was born in Colorado, lived most of his life in Northglenn Colorado House District 34 and am a local. I attended Western Colorado University studied Fine Art, Communications, Philosophy, Sociology, and Chemistry. I lived on the Western slope of Colorado, Utah, California, Japan, and traveled the world to many nations. I did this by serving in the United States Navy worked on Foreign and Domestic government policy enforcement forward deployed to crisis regions on two, tip of the spear Aircraft Carriers known as Freedom's Flagships. My career experience includes working as an Artist, Armed Merchant Guard, Federal Employee in a leadership capacity in management, and as a Licensed Electrician I operated my own electrical contractor company and Yacht systems design and installation.

I have been affiliated with the following organizations and activities:

  • Republican National Committee
  • Colorado GOP
  • Adams County GOP
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Aviation Boatswain Mate's Association
  • Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment
  • Worked in Aviation
  • Fleet Reserve Association-Japan
  • Ship Repair Force-Japan
  • Worked on Ships and Naval Operations
  • NASSCO-General Dynamics shipyard and others.
  • Latter Day Saints-Mormon
  • Crossroads Church for AWANA
  • March of Dimes, Jerry Lewis Walk a thon.
  • Aids Foundation
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • Elks Lodge Moab
  • Theta Chi Fraternity-Secretary, Pledge Chairman, Alumni Coordinator
  • US National Parks
  • Utah, Colorado, California state parks.
  • Accomplished Violist-haven't played in years.
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • FEMA Emergency Management Training
  • Life Saving and first aid CPR
  • National Fire Protection Agency
  • Trained certified Fire Fighter
  • Airport Board
  • Travel Council
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Lehrer's Flowers Baseball team Northglenn
  • Paterson Hardware Baseball team Northglenn
  • Many more.

My life began in poverty in a large family with a single mother and I was afflicted with a speech impediment when I was young and had to overcome life challenges. My first job was delivery of News Papers at age 5 for the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News from there I have lived a very unique and highly experienced life. I have so much to offer and tell because I learned much and all of the things I have accomplished in my life-time is in reach of each and everyone. All you have to do is want to be more and become that. Let the world be your inspiration and the hardship you may face push you forward to be successful and achieve more.

Mark Bromley's Political Platform.

As a long term resident of House District 34. I am uniquely qualified to be your Representative in 2020. My background is from Northglenn Ward 3 and I know the city of Northglenn, Westminster, Federal Heights and Thornton with 50 years of experience, dedication, charity, faith, education, friends, family, and history. I have got to know many city officials, political values, and key aspects of what makes our House District one of the most important Districts to the state of Colorado and the Legislative assembly in Denver.My appeal to the voters is that I am a local, well educated, very experienced and informed Republican Candidate. The best Choice by far.

I appeal to the 18 to 25 age group because I am a like minded individual philosopher, poet, Artist, partier, put together Raves and Hip hop events and concerts. In my day Hipp-E was the popular DJ and today I'm still in touch with the current age group. They approach me in public and talk to me in the open. I was a member of Mens Fraternal Organization with strong connections to a Sorority Women's organization in my college days. I remember my young adult days as if they were yesterday and established lasting long term relationships. I associated with and hung out at popular social sights for Young Adults in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Ski Resorts all across Colorado. I know what people in the age range of 18 to 25 like, because I know where you hang out. Don't make me go out there... uh, well do. We'll have fun.

In the age group of 25 to 40 many of them relate to me as well as they are working and struggling with family and new born children. I walked in their shoes and had a family of my own. I know the importance of job, stability, and community and relate to the needs and expectations of mid-adult life style choices. This is where they become part of community voices and organizations and I have met and worked with many local community clubs and organizations that are here to help everyone succeed in life. House District 34 is a magical and wonderful place for this age group of people and their families to live in and to grow in.

Age groups 40 to 60 remember the history of the House District and know we share a common bond. I'm in that age group now and we all remember the great life we lived when we where younger in House District 34. This is the important age where many are like minded and want to give back to their community for the wonderful life they have been blessed to live. This is where they see the fruits of their labor and want to share and care for Colorado. This is the time and age that many become active in wanting to improve and better Colorado for the younger generation and prepare for retirement and caring for their parents. The Age of understanding, compassion and wisdom earned from experience of life.

Above that age group I have lots in common with them for I too have a mother their age and understand how life is with them and thanks to my aunt Mary who is blessed I understand the elderly perspective. I have even witnessed the path to heaven. I learned much from this age group of wisdom beyond years. Well my Mothers side had 6 uncles and 6 aunts. I have worked diligently with this age group and Senior Centers in every state and nation I have been too. My wife's own mother and grand parents in Hiroshima, Japan where wonderful people to know. I especially like my wife's father who was handicapped and enjoyed his company. I appeal to this age group and can win their mutual respect.

I've always been surrounded by hundreds of people from all walks of life. I number in the 1000's of people I have met and spoke with and worked with and had celebrated with on a personal level.

More than that I'm in touch with the LGBT community cared for my brother Danny who passed form Aids. Knew his community and worked with people and for people of the LGBT community in the past. I can earn their vote as many are Republicans even if they haven't registered as such.

I can reach the Unaffiliated other parties and even Democrats to vote for me. I'm House District 34 true blooded. In my own family I grew up with sisters and brothers of various affiliations. I can get their support and help and they have many to the X power of infinity of local House District 34 Friends, Family, and relatives to choose from. They know me I'm one of their own. I went to the same House District 34 schools and local hangouts.

I understand the complexity of education in Colorado. The challenges all walks of life in the House District will face. I have traveled the world and made friends and relationships of many different people across the globe and married my Lawful Resident wife who is Japanese. My family background has nephew's and nieces of the Hispanic community and alternate life choices. My friends number in the hundreds and are from every race, creed, religion, and belief. They are all so much more to me as teachers, mentors, peers, friends, family and people I care about.

For all those reasons above I'm the best candidate for Colorado House District 34 and will defeat my incumbent and I am the true candidate that is in touch with the issues of House District 34 at the National, State and Local level and know what we need to do in 2020 as your Republican Representative. I am the people of House District 34, I am, (to use the motto of my Navy V-2 life) the " very Blood, Sweat and Steam," of Colorado House District 34.

I support the Republican platform for Adams County GOP and Colorado GOP and the Republican National Committee. In addition my platform is to remove, repeal and replace much of the incorrect and wrong legislation pushed by the democrat incumbent. Below is some of my other Platform objectives for the 2021 session.

  • Keeping and preserving TABOR for all Colorado Taxpayers
  • Ensuring Taxes are responsible and in the best interest of the Citizens of Colorado.
  • Finding ways to limit Government over reach and reduce government control.
  • Representing the people and cities of House District 34.
  • Pro-life insuring that all unborn children have rights to Life and not sold or taken as research specimens, medicine or for cannibalism and unholy activities.
  • Supports Oil and Gas as the strength of this nation.
  • Protecting 2nd amendment rights
  • Repeal of red flag laws
  • Removing Licensing of gun owners
  • Repealing limits on gun capacities
  • Creating Right to Work in Colorado so that employees are free to work for companies without having to pay for Unions and still have representation. Keep their jobs, keep their lives, keep their families.
  • Review of DORA and Licensing programs that have been misused by the Democrat agenda. Such as. Gun licensing, job licensing, regulatory licensing as unfair progressive practices.
  • Reducing Adult age restrictions to the age of 18 after high school graduation.
  • Preserving Parental Rights to make choices for their children including medical decisions.
  • Allowing Parents a choice in education to fit their family values, religion, and beliefs.
  • Put Public Schools back on track with appropriate funding and eliminating courses that are inappropriate for young people under 18 years of age.
  • Repeal and remove Alternative Life style education in schools less than college.
  • I support the Electoral College and President Donald J. Trumps Presidency, (Get my opponent to put that in writing.)  I was tricked by Rhino's infiltrating the Republican Party into the popular vote 2 months ago and was told by Alexander "Skinny" Winkler this was a Republican topic.  I trusted him because he's a Republican Candidate but I see that information was wrong and incorrect.  I support the Electoral College as is, no changes.  (I had to edit this as it was several months old and outdated.-Thank for the assist.)
  • A new issue is that of Political affiliation. The Democrats have created much fear in equality and fairness and many democrat dominant managed work places down right harmed Republican employees that many went Unaffiliated. We need to insure fairness in jobs and employment so people can be proud of their political beliefs.
  • Bernie Sanders and AOC are pushing Socialism in our society and we as Colorado must defend and commit to American Freedom and Democracy.
  • Restore faith in the people of Colorado.
  • Ensuring our Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Fire Protection and Emergency and Safety Services can meet the needs of the future and reduce response times.
  • Working to provide excellence in our Prison systems and keeping criminals off our streets.
  • Criminals that may harbor ideas of revenge or retaliation do not need to be released back into our communities.
  • Restoring the Death Penalty as a final resolution and measure for the State to be in control of and not let it get delegated to criminal elements who only get life should they be caught in the act of murder.

These are just a few so please visit me on the web. Please Donate, Volunteer, and help me to win this Election for the Republican Party that I have been a member of for about 30 years.Contact information:


Phone: 303-451-8039