Mark Bromley supports Home School and Parental rights. 

Electoral College, I'm a full supporter of President Donald J. Trump  Being that Donald J. Trump won with the Electoral College as is, I fully back to leave the Electoral Collage as is. 

Vote Mark Bromley HD34 Best and Most Honest and Open Qualified Candidate. 

God & Country, TABOR, Jobs, Civil Rights & the Constitution, True Leadership.

1. Why I'm running? Crime has been on the rise in Colorado on all fronts and current elected officials do not care and seem to allow crime to go unchecked while stealing our rights and taking our guns away and socialist/Democrat laws are allowing crime to escalate. I'm running because I care about the Future of Colorado and want to change these harmful conditions. I'm going to preserve the rights of the Law-Abiding.

2. What do I hope to Accomplish? I hope to fix the reckless activities of the past Democrat/Socialist legislative sessions and bring some common sense back to Colorado before it's too late. Ensuring the Colorado I knew growing up is still here for Tomorrow. I intend to Improve Jobs, Bring Oil and Gas back to the table and especially help out conditions in Weld and Adams County. Work on Legislation to make the Life of all in Colorado Better. Choice is what matters and we need no government to micro-manage us.

3. Why am I the best person for the Job? I'm a leader trained by the Navy and Higher Education in Colorado and Government. I have the experience, give good speeches, and can write and work with people from all life styles all backgrounds all around the world. When I get going everything gets fixed and people get motivated. Life gets better for all and Freedom rules.

4. What is my Background? Born in Denver, lived my life mostly in Northglenn House District 34. Local and married a wonderful wife and have a great son. A good portion of my life was working in security related fields as Government security for Emergency Preparedness and worked along side Law Enforcement. Rose up to Leadership and managed daily government policies and programs here in the USA and Overseas with the US Navy. I'm a Licensed Electrician, Electronics Technician, Veteran, Mechanic, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, I'm very smart and worked in many trades and the shipyards. Operated my own business and eventually God had need of me to return to my home state and home District 34 of Colorado to become the next Republican Representative for House District 34.

I began this run back in August 2019. I worked hard to build enough votes to take on the Incumbent. I've been a good Republican for the past 30 or so years. To sum it up...
God and Country, TABOR, Jobs, Civil Rights and the Constitution, True Leadership.

That's what I bring back to Colorado. That's why I'm the best Candidate for the Republican Party. For House District 34.Vote Mark Bromley Vote Republican and I do vote for Trump.

You can find me on
Facebook bromleyhd34, website, email,
phone: 303-451-8039,