Cares about Coloradoan's and Colorado's Future

Mark Bromley was born in Denver Colorado and was Raised in House District 34 living his entire life in Northglenn. He went to many of the schools in Northglenn, Eastlake, Thornton, Westminster, and Federal Heights. Attended Western State University in Colorado. He was an Artist, Philosopher, Communications in TV, Radio, Theater and Writer with a minor study in Sociology. After that he Joined the US Navy and served Forward Deployed on 2 Aircraft Carriers working the flight deck as a skilled Tradesman. In port he became part of the Communities he lived in overseas and got to experience many aspects of Foreign policies and enforcement of the Status of Forces Agreements between foreign Governments. His unique military experience gave him hands on experience with US and Foreign Embassy's and Political interactions with foreign representatives. He received his veteran metal for consecutive tours of duty in the Middle East Conflicts. Returning to the USA he worked several jobs in Denver, Colorado in Armed security, Hospitality Industry and Trade work as an Electrician until he was picked up by Homeland Security where he was exposed to a political environment. After Homeland Security he worked as Trade Electrician in the Naval Shipyards and then ran his own business along with learning how to run for Elected Office. 

He began his life in poverty and was raised by a single parent and was 1 of 5 children. He knows how harsh the state of Colorado can be towards the People of Colorado and those of House District 34, he lived it. Knowing the realities of Colorado is what makes Mark Bromley the right Republican Conservative Candidate for Colorado House District 34. Mark Bromley is the Right choice and he can keep Colorado on budget and on track with good Conservative values and a high level of responsible Common Sense for the State of Colorado.